1 Almost Lost

Almost Lost is an old map by id Software. It was supposed to be in Quake 3, but was cut out for some reason. The creation of it had started a long time ago, but was never finished. It was inspired by the Quake 2 map, "The Edge". It was officially first seen in Quake Live.


Almost Lost is an medium-sized map most suitable for Free for All, Team Deathmatch , or Duel games. It has three bigger areas, which are well connected to each other:

  • The Central Area, has Mega Health and Quad Damage. There's a Yellow Armor on the upper area.
  • The room with Plasma gun and second Yellow Armor, also has a jump-pad, that leads to Lightning Gun .
  • The Red Armor room. It has Red Armor, 2 yellow health bubbles, and the Rocket Launcher

  • Yellow Armor Area
  • Yellow Armor Area 2
  • Central Area
  • Red Armor area
  • Cental Area 2
  • Smaller room
  • Central Area 2


Weapons on this map:

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