Capture the Flag is a game mode that centers around the idea of capturing the opposing team's flag and returning it to your base in order to score. In this style of gameplay there are two opposing teams, red and blue, that attempt to steal the other team's flag while protecting their own.


In Capture the Flag the Red Team and Blue Team attempt to steal each other's flag and transport it back to their own base. In doing so, the team that captures a flag gains a point, and, once a team aquires a certain number of points, they win the game. Furthermore, these teams attempt to prevent their own flag from being stolen by the enemy team.


  • Make squads to alternate attacking and defending.
  • Bind commands that say things such as: "Enemy carrier escaping low", "I have the flag", and "Meet me for flag rush".
  • Mines are a defender's best friend. Use them in all escape passages and around the flag itself. Most maps have a Proxy depot near the flag. Remember to stock up!