Clan Arena, often abbreviated as CA, is a Team Deathmatch type game mode on Quake live.

The aim is to kill the entire other team before your team dies, as there are no respawns. This can lead to some tense 1v1 or 1v2 situations.


Clan Arena introduces heavy team play. You start with all weapons excluding the BFG 10K with full ammo. You also have 200 health and it does not reduce over time. Rocket jumps and plasma jumps will not cause self-damage, allowing the player to cover more ground without losing health.

There is no way of getting ammo or health but on some Special Modes you can have armor.

Each player does not respawn until the next round, which occurs after every player of one team is eliminated.

Special modes for Clan ArenaEdit

id Software introduced special modes for Clan Arena.