Freeze tag is a game mode in which when you lose all your health, you are frozen on the spot. You will then stay frozen until someone from your team stands next to you for 3 seconds and thaws you. When frozen, you cannot move  (aside from adjusting your view) and the ability to attack is nullified.

To win, the entire opposing enemy team must be frozen.

This game mode is a free mode during the winter months but at any other time it is premium only.


  • This gamemode is similar to Team Deathmatch, but if you "die", you cannot respawn until someone from your team is willing to spend a few seconds to thaw you.
  • Campers often exploit the vulnerability of frozen enemies by using the Gauntlet and "pushing" victims to areas where their team will struggle to free them.
  • MegaHealth is a great blessing to have as it will increase your chances of survival, especially when you're the last man standing!
  • Whenever possible, assist an immobilized team member in need by clearing the area and standing close to them. If this is not considered, your chances of winning will dwindle when the amount of frozen team members increase.
  • Some weapons, like the Grenade Launcher and the Railgun, are used by enemies to ensure their competitors will remain frozen for the rest of the round.