The Gauntlet in combat.

The Gauntlet is a close-combat weapon that can by default be accessed by either pressing "1" on the NumPad, or running out of ammo on every other weapon. It combines a saw blade and an electrical charge that can usually kill opponents in less than 2 strikes. Because the Gauntlet is not very effective as a weapon, it is often used as a method of humilating your opponent; when someone is fragged with the Gauntlet (and only the Gauntlet), the player who fragged them receives an award, "Humiliation".


  • The Gauntlet deals 50 damage per hit.
  • The Gauntlet hits every 0.4 seconds (maximum).
  • The Gauntlet does not use any sort of ammo.
  • There is a slight knockback upon hitting an opponent with the Gauntlet.

Strategy Edit

  • After passing through most map teleports duck, move slightly back, aim slightly above middle and hold left mouse button. Once the enemy passes through that teleport he will receive 50 damage and then you have 3 options: 1. Run for cover; 2. Stand up while holding left mouse button and try to follow the enemy; 3. Switch to another weapon and try to chain the next attack.
  • It is actually very effective as a bait weapon. If you are caught without a weapon or in a tight spot, you can fake running around a corner or a doorway, turn around with the gauntlet out, and if timed right, get a free hit or even a frag on the opponent chasing you. This also works for the aforementioned teleporters.


  • It is essentially used for sneaking up on an opponent and striking them from behind. Although it can be used normally if you are fast enough to close the gap between an opponent.