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The Grenade Launcher is an explosive weapon that can be accessed by either pressing "4" on the NumPad, or switching weapons manually. The weapon is not popular in normal combat, but is great for killing idling enemies. When thrown, it bounces along the ground and explodes in under 3 seconds. It takes around 2 separate grenades to frag an enemy, but is lethal if in a closed-combat situation. It can be used to preform grenade jumps. Although it launches you less farther then a rocket jump would, it deals less self-damage to you.


  • The grenade launcher is the only weapon besides the proxy launcher in Quake Live that deals indirect damage. Use this to your advantage!


  • The Grenade Launcher is one of the less popular weapons because many players can easily dodge the grenades before they are given a chance to explode. However, it's deadly to use if a skilled player can set traps for groups of distracted enemies in enclosed areas.
  • A common strategy in Clan Arena is to block off corridors or cover your retreat around corners using the grenade launcher. If the enemy pursuits, the grenades will likely heavily damage or kill your assailants.
  • It can be put to very effective use in CTF or Team Deathmatch, as a defensive weapon to cover teammates or the flag, or as an offensive weapon to spam around corners and deal indirect damage.
  • While not recommended for use in close combat, a well placed direct grenade or two will heavily damage or frag your opponent.

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