The Heavy Machine Gun is all range weapon that can be accessed by setted by the player hotkey or by switching weapons manually.Its similar to the Machine Gun,but with more damage,more speed and less accuracy.Effective on mid-range and moving targets because of its hitscan properties.


The Heavy Machine Gun


  • Deals 8 damage per shot.
  • The Heavy Machine Gun has hitscan properties, which means that it will instantly hit as soon as the server registers your fire input. The other weapons to carry hitscan properties are the Shotgun,the ​Railgun,the Machine Gun and the Chaingun.
  • A player can carry a maximum of 150 ammo.
  • Ammo boxes will also refill all weapons ammo.
  • Picking up the weapon or the Ammo box refills you 50 ammo.


  • Good for killing enemies with below 50 health and static targets.
  • It's most effective at mid range, as the Heavy Machine Gun is not very accurate for long distances and automatic firing makes it difficult to hit targets at small range.
  • Check for Ammo boxes,because of its high rate of fire its ammo drains very fast.
  • Recomended to use while under Quad Damage effect,because it deals 24 damage really quick.