Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun.

The Lightning Gun is a firearm weapon that can by default be accessed by pressing "6" or "E" on the keyboard, or by switching weapons manually.

It is a popular weapon due to it having an attack rate that can quickly deplete an enemy's health and is very accurate. However, even a full ammunition supply will deplete swiftly and it cannot harm targets if they are too far away.

Tactically, it can be used to frag stronger opponents, or opponents with full health in a matter of seconds.


  • The Lightning Gun is a beam weapon, works like a hitscan weapon but not really in the same family; each Lightning Bolt is fired and hits at the same moment (disregarding high latency). Beam weapons don't use little projectiles such as bullets, pellets or uranium slugs, also it has a very limited range compared to her hitscan sisters.
  • Each Lightning Gun Cell will deal 6 damage if it hits. Before the pre-steam update it did 7 damage.
  • The Lightning Gun fires 20 cells per second.
  • A player can carry a maximum of 200 Lightning Cells in Clan Arena and 150 in other game modes.


  • Generally, when using the Lightning Gun, it is best to try to get close to your opponent without entering point blank range. By attacking at this range, you will allow yourself enough room to dodge most attacks yet maintain maximum accuracy.
  • It is widely believed that a low sensitivity setting can help one's accuracy with the Lightning Gun.
  • This is a weapon often used on Clan Arena because of its high damage output and its effectiveness in multicombatant situations.
  • Lightning Gun has a great push back effect, therefore it can hold an opponent in the mid air. Especially if you manage to corner your enemy or pin it to a wall.
  • Lightning Gun is a weapon that requires the most hectic usage in game; always be on the move or else Lightning Gun's bolt will delay after your crosshair. Same thing happens if you play under high latency. To fix this delay a bit and playing much more smooth under latency servers, use "cg_truelightning #" (where # is 0-1) command. Set it to 1 for low latency games where ping is below 80-100 and use a smaller value as ping increases.

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