The Machinegun in combat.

The Machinegun or Machine Gun is a firearm that can be accessed by either pressing "2" on the NumPad, or by switching weapons manually. It is the first weapon that appears when spawned. It is one of the less powerful weapons in the game, nevertheless it can be used to easily kill someone if used skillfully. It's long-range can be used for normal combat, but is usually used to preserve the ammo of the other weapons so that you can kill a weaker enemy without wasting valuable ammo.


  • The Machinegun has hitscan properties, which means that it will instantly hit as soon as the server registers your fire input. The other weapons to carry hitscan properties are the Shotgun and the Chaingun.
  • The Machinegun deals 5 damage per bullet.
  • A player can carry a maximum of 150 bullets at a time.


  • While the Machinegun may be the weakest weapon in the game in terms of DPS, it is also one of the few weapons in the game with hitscan properties. A good player can put the machinegun to use, spamming it from long range to efficiently pressure the enemy while dealing small amounts of damage.
  • The Machinegun can be used to finish off enemies that are heavily damaged. This saves precious ammo for other weapons, as Machinegun ammo is common.
  • Since you spawn with this weapon, using this in conjunction with the gauntlet can sometimes net you a frag if you're caught without another weapon to use.