Plasma Gun

The Plasma Gun.

The Plasma Gun is a firearm weapon that can by default be used by pressing 8 or F on the keyboard or accessed manually by scrolling with your mouse. It releases a stream of plasma pulses and despite being difficult to handle, it can become a very effective weapon. It has some small amount of splash damage, which is used in a technique known as "Plasma Climbing", where a player jumps at a wall while firing the Plasma Gun at a certain angle; the Plasma's splash damage then accelerates the player up the wall.


  • The Plasma Gun fires 10 Plasma Cells per second.
  • Each Plasma Cell can deal up to 20 damage.
  • Splash damage of each Plasma Cell deals approximately 7 damage.
  • A player can carry 150 Plasma Cells at most.
  • Plasma cells prestep at the first 20 feet then go slower; because of that, Plasma Gun pretty much works like a hitscan weapon (MG, SG, RG) at close quarters and a missile weapon (RL, GL, BFG) at long range targets.


  • The plasma Gun is the most common "damage overlord" weapon of the game, right after the BFG. 200 dps is not a joke. It can chew through armor like no other arena weapon, and the slight knockback can slow other players and delay their armor/mega health pickups if used correctly.
  • At long range use the Plasma Gun like a missile weapon, carefully predicting your opponent's movement. In close quarters it's actually equal to Machine Gun. Be careful about range, and be sure to compensate for distance.
  • If you're going to take on an opponent who has the Plasma Gun, do not charge at them directly. A few Plasma Cell shots to the chest is enough to frag any player.