Power-ups, refer to the many items available in Quake Live. Some power-ups are restricted to certain gamemodes, while others appear only in certain maps. "Combatants will find many useful items scattered around the arena. These can be picked up by running over them. Power-ups last for 30 seconds from the moment they are picked up."[1]


  • Battle Suit (BS) "This golden shell protects the wearer from lava, slime, drowning, and other hostile conditions. Be careful. Even a Battle Suit won't protect you from the Fog of Death or the Void!"

Battle suit item

  • Haste "This tachyon accelerator creates a bubble of compressed time, greatly increasing the gladiator's movement speed and rate of fire leaving a trail of dust in their wake."

Haste item

  • Invisibility (INV) "This unit bends light around its user, making a gladiator very difficult to see. However, muzzle flashes and power-up glows are still fully visible."

Invisibility item

  • Quad Damage (QD) "When you scoop up a Quad Damage, your weapons are supercharged dealing 3x damage for 30 seconds."

Quad damage item

  • Regeneration (REGEN) "When you grab the Regeneration, your health will gradually increase until it reaches 200 or the effect times out."

Regeneration item

Team Power-ups or RunesEdit

  • Armor Regen (A) The Armor Regen power-up slowly replenishes the warrior's armor until full (100).

Armor regen rune

  •  Damage (D) The Doubler power-up increases the amount of damage done by each hit a gladiator scores.

Doubler rune

  • Guard (G) The Guard power-up protects the warrior, decreasing the amount of damage received by each hit an enemy combatant scores.

Guard rune

  • Scout (S) The Scout power-up increases the player's rate of movement, grants them silent footsteps while running, increases the rate of fire of their weapons and grants them a unique level of mobility that prevents them from taking any damage from their own weapons.Also the player's armor will fall down to 50.

Scout rune