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Quake Live (previously known as Quake Zero) is a multiplayer online browser game. It is a first person shooter like the other Quake games in the series. Quake Live first came out in the public on the 24th February 2009, It got out of beta in August 6 2010, offering two different paid subscriptions: Premium and Pro; however it was a closed invitiation-based beta in 2008.


Quake Live is a browser game, therefore it does not run on executive code. Quake Live runs on an id Tech 3 engine, and uses a plugin to run the game. The plugin uses Javascript however, unlike most other games which use Flash.
The main aspect of Quake Live is to frag opponents in gameplay. Fragging is considered as "temporarily killing", subsequently the fragged player then respawns seconds afterwards (unless in Clan Arena). It is set in a 3D enivornment, that is abundant with other 3D elements.


The main objective of the game is to frag (or kill) enemies to earn points. Despite there being many game types, the common objective is to reach the highest amount of total points individually or as a team. Points are increased per frag, and also lost if you suicide (e.g falling into lava). No points are lost if fragged by another player, but you lose all weapons (Excluding the Machinegun and the Gauntlet) and ammo you previously had.